At EFS our Suppliers give us the edge you're looking for in Precision Farming.

Our trusted Suppliers give us the edge you are looking for. From entry level to managing an entire fleet, EFS can support all your precision farming needs. EFFECTIVELY.

At EFS our Suppliers give us the edge you're looking for in Precision Farming.

Our trusted Suppliers give us the edge you are looking for. From entry level to managing an entire fleet, EFS can support all your precision farming needs. EFFECTIVELY.

Raven Industries
Guidance & Steering Field Computers Planter Controls Application Controls Boom ControlsYield Monitoring

In precision farming today, it takes a system to get out on top and stay there from one season to the next. A special kind of system built for seamless operation, superior performance, and scalable to match your operating goals and conditions. Whether you're building a new precision ag system from the ground up or simply looking to make the one you have better, Raven has what you need for tilling and fertilizing, seeding, spraying - even harvest. Every capability is fully integrated with the industry's most powerful field computers and advanced wireless communications technology. Complete system solutions in every sense of the word - uniquely designed to improve your position at every turn. All under one roof and with the name you trust. Raven.

Truesight Header Height - CornHeader Height - Grain

If you are looking to maximize your yield and your profits, look to Headsight. At the heart of the Headsight header height control system is a patented flexible poly paddle that allows for precise header height control over all types of terrain. Other systems will dig into the soil and damage the system when in reverse, but not Headsight. Its' design is operator friendly-having been designed by a working farm family. We've expanded into standing grains as well. Our system is designed to fit on draper, rigid, and flex headers used in standing grains. Knowing the farmer is our business, and we pride ourselves on problem solving. Knowing that farmers may use unmatched combines and headers, we carry a full line of electrical adapters that will fit virtually any combination! And we are pleased to introduce Truesight - a high accuracy row-crop autosteer control system for corn harvesting! If you are looking to maximize your yield and your profits, set your sight on Headsight.

SST Software
SST Summit Basic SST Summit Professional

SST Summit Professional is precision ag software utilized by industry leaders for the processing of raw farm data into valuable information reports. In conjunction with FarmRite's data processing services, Summit Professional is a hybrid solution between desktop software and cloud-based services. This allows for the power of a desktop GIS with the benefits of cloud technologies for automated processing, data synchronization, storage, and product delivery. What does this mean? For the GIS technician, Summit Professional allows for the processing of more acres with minimal increase in workload. For multi-site organizations, quality standards are maintained while product offerings stay consistent yet customizable across regions. SST Summit is available on two levels. Summit Professional for the processing of valuable information reports and Summit basic for field-technicians, growers, and farm managers. Over 80 million acres are currently managed by Summit users.

Spray Products

At TeeJet Technologies our single focus is on application technology. Our company and our products have been part of agricultural applications since the first crop protection products came onto the market in the 1940's. Our control systems date back to some of the earliest in-field uses of electronics in agriculture. This experience in the fields of spraying, fertilizing, and seeding means nobody is better suited to provide quality products and technical solutions for your business.

Precision Hawk
Precision Hawk Products

PrecisionHawk's data collection philosophy resonates with our customers, partners and researchers in a variety of industries and fields. Our planes have flown along cliffs on the north shore of Lake Superior (launched from a boat and landing in the lake), over water courses and ecological preserves and for researchers at -25 deg C ( -13 deg F), as well as imaging crops and livestock in farms. Whether you are looking to build 3D models of aggregate pits, monitor the environment around mines and development sites, or survey storm damage and catalog passable highways, we'd love to talk about your needs and how we can help get you the information that is critical for you.

Richland Micro Drainage
Richland Micro Plow

Richland Micro Drainage created the Richland Micro Plow, a revolutionary piece of equipment which gives better results than any existing drainage plow for a fraction of the cost. It is lighter and less evasive. Less mounding of tile lines means it is easier to get fields back into production. The 3 point type plow is easier to operate than a pull type plow. Input costs are reduced through lower cost on 2" tile rather than the 4" and more feet of tile can be installed in a day because typically you don't run as deep (on average 24") and 2" tile is easier to handle. 2" tile on closer laterals (20') and shallower (24') works very well on tighter clay soils. The Richland Micro Plow also works better in contour situations. It also results in much quicker drainage with 2" on 20' laterals vs. 4" on 40' laterals.

Dynamic Ditchers
The Wolverine Ditcher

Dynamic Ditchers Inc. created the Wolverine Ditcher, a state of the art ditching machine developed for ditching agricultural land. The Wolverine combines the features of a land scraper and utilizes the tractors power take off to drive an upright steel rotating impeller, spreading the soil evenly on the field. This unique combination holds many benefits over existing systems: scraping and spreading are done in a single operation saving time and cost. Also the soil is spread evenly, for up to a 150-foot distance on either side of the ditch, facilitating the easy operation of today's large seeding, tillage, and harvesting equipment through and around the ditch makes ditches in half the time of using an agricultural land scraper

Copperhead Ag
Furrow Cruiser

Copperhead Agricultural Products, LLC was founded by Dave Terveen and Kevin Berg after the two discovered they had a unique combination of ideas and know-how. Dave is a full-time farmer and business owner in South Dakota; Kevin grew up on a farm and is a Mechanical Engineer and Machine Shop Owner. Coffee-shop discussions of new ways to approach common challenges led to the creation of the Furrow Cruiser. With more innovative products in the works, Copperhead Ag was formed. The Furrow Cruiser improves seed-to-soil contact, has a unique combination of sidewall crumbling and soil firming and is especially effective in saturated soils. It allows young roots to penetrate sidewalls, fits into your existing closing wheel hubs, and prevents furrow from re-opening. The Self-Cleaning tooth design prevents clogging. Built-in depth control allows for use with multiple crops.

Tile Plow Equipment Harvest Equipment Cutting Systems

Innovative products, improving the harvest! We understand that uptime is incredibly important in your farming operation, as well as faster ground speeds, increasing yield and improved efficiency. That's why we manufacture harvesting attachments that do just that. This harvest season, count on Crary! We offer products for harvest equipment, such as the Crary Air Reel, Crary Wind System, the Big Top hopper extender and more. We also offer Gold'N Cut Cutting Systems and Crary Tile Plow equipment.

Mara Laser
Mara Laser Products

MARA produces 24 different laser controlled leveler machines, 7 grader models and 3 scraper models. Mara leveling equipment is proven to increase harvest production up to 25-30%. It also reduces input costs by saving you up to 8% on fertilizer and herbicide, 50% less water, reduces tractor wear, and reduces fuel and oil expenditures. Mara has been manufacturing leveling equipment in Italy for almost 30 years and currently exports 85% of production internationally.

OptiSurface Software

For leading farmers, agricultural consultants and earthmoving contractors who want to improve farm profitability through improved water management, OptiSurface Designer is the worlds most powerful analysis and design software for agricultural landforming. It calculates the optimised field topography that satisfies water management goals whilst minimising earthworks and without ditches. It does this using our patented system incorporating Infinitely Variable Grades (IVG) along with 3D GPS machine control technology. Save 50% to 80% in earthworks when agricultural land grading, achieve drainage & irrigation objectives with much lower earthworks by following natural land surface curvature, lowest earthworks & lowest topsoil disturbance guarantee with unique patented technology, and eliminate or minimize infield ditches/drains.