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SRES Control Packages

Every planter needs a control package.

The seed industry is rapidly changing. Many research locations are being asked to double their number of plots in the next few years. Others are switching crops altogether. Flexibility and upgradeability have become more and more important. You could start from a Step-1 classic planter, and we can upgrade you all the way to an Advanced planter, seamlessly. But remember, a cone planter will always be a cone planter.

Since all planters start with the same cover assembly, the defining difference is the control package:

Step 4 Controls

  • Most technologically advanced yet simplest to use controls. 100% GPS controlled variable rate planter.

 Advanced+ Controls

  • The old reliable with an added update. Computer controlled with hydraulic drive.

 Classic Aire Controls

  • The “step” between Classic & Advanced+ controls. Classic Aire has air actuators and a PLC also adds an alley wiper.

 Classic Controls

  • Precision alternative for a cone planter. The Classic Controls has electric actuators and a PLC.

 Strip Controls

  • Simplest of all controls. Makes clean-out a breeze.

Drill/Cone Controls

  • Precision alternative for a cone planter. The Classic controls have electric actuators and a PLC.