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The Wolverine scrapes and spreads the soil in a single operation, creating ditches faster and more efficiently than a land scraper.

It has a five foot wide cutting blade, similar to a land scraper, which makes 2-6 inches cuts at 1-4 miles per hour. The dirt is forced into a rotating impeller by a rotating drum with fingers and paddles that direct the dirt into the centre of the impeller. The rotating impeller, which is driven by the tractor’s power take off, spins the dirt out – spreading it evenly for up to 150 feet on either side of the ditch. Combining scraping and spreading into a single operation saves time and cost. The smooth finished surface also allows immediate access for today’s large seeding, tillage, and harvesting equipment through and around the ditch.

The Wolverine moves up to 600 yards per hour.

The Wolverine Ditcher does not leave behind ridges like an earth scraper.The 60 inch diameter rotating impeller has eight paddles that fling dirt out at 270 revolutions per minute (RPM) – which is four and a half revolutions per second. With eight paddles, each capable of flinging 10 pounds (lbs) of dirt four and a half times per second, the Wolverine is capable of ejecting 360 lbs of dirt per second or 21,600 lbs per minute – which is 1,296,000 lbs per hour. Assuming that a yard of dirt is 2000 lbs, that equates to 648 yards of dirt per hour that the Wolverine is capable of moving.

Key Benefits of the Wolverine:

  • Makes ditches in half the time of using an agricultural land scraper
  • Iliminates the operation of leveling the dirt piles created by a scraper
  • Reduces field compaction compared to using a scraper
  • Can be used virtually throughout the growing season
  • Allows field equipment to easily pass through the ditches immediately after making them

Solid Construction
The Wolverine is a substantial unit of approximately 9000lbs, 24 feet long, 8 feet wide and 6 feet in height. It requires a minimum of 220 PTO horsepower to operate and optimally 300 horsepower.
The Wolverine even works well in heavy clay soil because of its innovative patented design and heavy duty construction.

With a scraper you are loading your bucket every couple of hundred feet and then you have to pull out and drive away to unload it. This is a lot of turning, realigning and bouncing around in the cab. When you’re done you have piles of dirt all over the field that need to be smoothed out as a second operation.

With the Wolverine making ditches is enjoyable and more relaxing than using a scraper as you glide down the ditch with ease making several passes as your five foot cut is nicely spread out 75 – 150 feet (no piles to worry about dealing with later).