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The Ultimate Drainage Solution System for Agriculture

OptiSurface Designer is a software application that offers:

  • Leading Edge Technology - Patent pending technology promotes optimal surface drainage
  • Minimum Earthworks - Up to 80% lower earthworks [as low as 30m³/ha!] and topsoil movement than traditional design methods
  • Easy to Use - Design in minutes what some designers spend days attempting to achieve
  • State Of The Art Visualisation - Incorporating 3 dimensional computer graphics to visualise your existing and proposed topography and cut fill maps
  • Powerful Design Control - Manipulate design surface with different slope parameters and design zones where required [e.g. force tail drain one way]
  • Multiple OptiSurface Types - Surface types to suit surface irrigation, overhead or trickle irrigation drainage and dryland/rain fed drainage
  • Pay As You Go - Low starting price and economical ongoing price based on area [hectares/ acres] of land processed

Looking For A Better Agricultural Surface Drainage Solution?

OptiSurface Landforming uses high accuracy GPS and smooth 3 dimensional design surfaces to offer the ultimate surface drainage solution with minimal soil movement

80% of crop yield reductions can be attributed to suboptimal moisture availability both too little and too much. Excess moisture also plays havoc with machinery operations and farm efficiency. By applying the patent pending OptiSurface Landforming technology to achieve precision surface drainage, you can gain a myriad of profit boosting benefits.

What Is OptiSurface Landforming? The process of reshaping the land surface to a smooth three dimensional surface [an OptiSurface) using earthmoving equipment fitted with high accuracy GPS machine control technology.

Purpose: To provide optimal within field surface drainage with the least amount of earthworks.

How? Eliminates all reverse surface grades that form depressions and smooths the surface.

Why? Adequate surface drainage is a requirement for achieving any field's production potential. Unfortunately, millions of fields have inadequate or marginal surface drainage. Good field drainage complements all crop production practices, and every farm improvement plan should include goals for improving surface drainage.

How does it compare to traditional laser grading? OptiSurface achieves all the drainage benefits of traditional laser grading but with much lower topsoil movement and total earthworks cost. OptiSurface designs are often 50% to 80% lower in earthworks which make it viable to landform millions of fields previously too expensive to laser landform. It also allows other related benefits like removal of infield ditches and higher machinery efficiencies.

Save 50% to 80% In Earthworks When Agricultural Land Grading

  • Achieve Drainage & Irrigation Objectives With Much Lower Earthworks By Following Natural Land Surface Curvature
  • Lowest Earthworks & Lowest Topsoil Disturbance Guarantee With Unique Patented Technology
  • Eliminate or Minimize Infield Ditches/Drains.